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I think its about time I explained my MIA status.

Well for one, I was working in Los Angeles for the good part of the beginning of 2015. Yay, work! In addition, some planned vacations and celebrations took up a bit of my busy life. But that should not be  good reason for not posting right?

Well to be honest, I was thinking about retiring Mai Style Pages. I knew the blog was still able to produce great content and the readership still remained strong. However, working across the coast in LA and sometimes in NYC met I couldn’t always shoot. I’m not as fortunate as some bloggers, who travel with their photographer/partner and could shoot all the time. My photographer and I both work outside of the blog, limiting our time to work together.

I hated not being able to commit 100% to anything especially something I loved so much. Sophie and I are both perfectionist, I liked to think her more-so than me. We have scraped tons of photos because we didn’t think it was the best we could do! But after several weeks and some convincing, I am back. I am just going to have to re-prioritize my life to include the blog and some time with the hubs while I am it!

I’ve missed you…. These are some photos we shoot a while back. Hence my blonde hair. Oh, have I mentioned I’m returned to my dark roots. It’s a story for another post.

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