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Happy New Year everyone! 2014  was so amazing to me!  I spent an entire 5 weeks in Asia, snowboarding in Japan,  eating my way through Shanghai, island hoping in Indonesia and endless shopping in Seoul, South Korea. It was the first time I had travelled alone in a different country. It helped me realized how strong and independent I could be and  for the first time I came back feeling extremely calm. It could have been all the yoga at sunset or simply surrounding myself with friends who appreciated all the little things in life.  There was such a big change in my attitude that when I got home even my friends noticed. 2014 has been the most positive I have ever been in life. I believed in my dreams, and went chasing it by living in New York for the summer. I have even found the up-side of living in Delaware. I’m eating better and working out now at a Crossfit gym. I’m totally obsessed. I also made one New Year Resolution, the same one I made to  myself every year; to get abs. I started today Jan.5.2015. Clean eat and working is my new lifestyle change not just a fad diet. I hope to show you some progress next month! Thank you for following me on this journey.

Have an extremely blessed year filled with love, laughter an positivity everyone!

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