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Sorry for the extended absence. I’ve had a lack of internet and laptop access while snowboarding in the mountains of Italy! The hubs and I spent a blissful 10 days in Cortina, enjoying the snow, the 3 hour Italian lunches and 4 hour dinners. The Italians really know how to enjoy themselves! We surely submerged ourselves in the culture through our dining experience, bottles of wine and a group of new friends we made while snowboarding. I’m currently in Salt Lake City, on a job here and finally have access to a laptop to post.

So lets talk about greys! Greys have been such a good transition color for me through the fall and winter. Still at sleek as white, but easier to care for. Greys have been a great alternative to camel and neutrals. I would say, greys are the modern day beige in fashion and even wall paint! What are your thoughts on greys? Is it the new neutral?

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