Styling Gel For Men

Men of today are just as conscious as women of today when it comes to hairstyles. Gone are those days that you’d go to a salon with only women having their hairs done. Men have been enjoying the scene as well. As such, there are just as many different hair styles that men would contemplate on and would wear that women would also do. There are just times when your hair can’t just be tamed. Fortunately, there are hair products that can help you whenever you have bad hair days. One of these products is the styling gel for men.

Hair styling may not be your thing. It can also be a bit challenging for you. Once you find the right product to use, you can have everything under control.

Styling Gel For Men

There have been so many brands and labels that have come and gone when it comes to styling gels and other hair styling formulations. Each development has its own strength and made more men more satisfied with how they look. Today millions of men (and women) benefit from the newer generations of hair styling products. The new styling formulas have swept the industry, making us much happier about the way we wear our hair.

More and more men get to benefit from these developments, especially those who rely much on personal appearance for their confidence.

If you are still experimenting with the brands for the most appropriate hairstyle to keep, this post can provide you with some interesting facts about styling gel for men. (more…)



When Uniqlo approached me for a collaboration, I have to admit I was a bit hesitate. Uniqlo is well know for their basics and I didn’t think it fitted the edgy aesthetic of MSP. But little did I know, the pieces blended in seamlessly and I actually have these ankle pants in my favorites pile. They are ultra comfortable and well tailored to my petite-ness! Go Uniqlo!


maistylepages-lay-low maistylepages-lay-low

I think its about time I explained my MIA status.

Well for one, I was working in Los Angeles for the good part of the beginning of 2015. Yay, work! In addition, some planned vacations and celebrations took up a bit of my busy life. But that should not be  good reason for not posting right?

Well to be honest, I was thinking about retiring Mai Style Pages. I knew the blog was still able to produce great content and the readership still remained strong. However, working across the coast in LA and sometimes in NYC met I couldn’t always shoot. I’m not as fortunate as some bloggers, who travel with their photographer/partner and could shoot all the time. My photographer and I both work outside of the blog, limiting our time to work together.

I hated not being able to commit 100% to anything especially something I loved so much. Sophie and I are both perfectionist, I liked to think her more-so than me. We have scraped tons of photos because we didn’t think it was the best we could do! But after several weeks and some convincing, I am back. I am just going to have to re-prioritize my life to include the blog and some time with the hubs while I am it!

I’ve missed you…. These are some photos we shoot a while back. Hence my blonde hair. Oh, have I mentioned I’m returned to my dark roots. It’s a story for another post.


maistylepages-grey-ninobrand maistylepages-grey-ninobrand maistylepages-grey-ninobrand

Sorry for the extended absence. I’ve had a lack of internet and laptop access while snowboarding in the mountains of Italy! The hubs and I spent a blissful 10 days in Cortina, enjoying the snow, the 3 hour Italian lunches and 4 hour dinners. The Italians really know how to enjoy themselves! We surely submerged ourselves in the culture through our dining experience, bottles of wine and a group of new friends we made while snowboarding. I’m currently in Salt Lake City, on a job here and finally have access to a laptop to post.

So lets talk about greys! Greys have been such a good transition color for me through the fall and winter. Still at sleek as white, but easier to care for. Greys have been a great alternative to camel and neutrals. I would say, greys are the modern day beige in fashion and even wall paint! What are your thoughts on greys? Is it the new neutral?


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Happy New Year everyone! 2014  was so amazing to me!  I spent an entire 5 weeks in Asia, snowboarding in Japan,  eating my way through Shanghai, island hoping in Indonesia and endless shopping in Seoul, South Korea. It was the first time I had travelled alone in a different country. It helped me realized how strong and independent I could be and  for the first time I came back feeling extremely calm. It could have been all the yoga at sunset or simply surrounding myself with friends who appreciated all the little things in life.  There was such a big change in my attitude that when I got home even my friends noticed. 2014 has been the most positive I have ever been in life. I believed in my dreams, and went chasing it by living in New York for the summer. I have even found the up-side of living in Delaware. I’m eating better and working out now at a Crossfit gym. I’m totally obsessed. I also made one New Year Resolution, the same one I made to  myself every year; to get abs. I started today Jan.5.2015. Clean eat and working is my new lifestyle change not just a fad diet. I hope to show you some progress next month! Thank you for following me on this journey.

Have an extremely blessed year filled with love, laughter an positivity everyone!