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Coat, vintage

Coat, vintage

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A couple of weeks ago I spent the day in Old City, Philadelphia with the intention of window shopping for furniture. I did do plenty of window shopping, the shops are soOoo good in Old City right now (check them out!) and of course I mixed business with pleasure. There are so many new shops in Old City now, furniture and clothing, so I couldn’t help myself. I had very good intentions, I always do. T I G H T           B U D G E T & M I N I M A L C L O S E T   I reminded myself. But when I stepped into Sazz Vintage one of my favorite vintage store in Philly, I immediately fell in love with this beauty, a long textured cream coat. $150 for a coat, it wasn’t going to break the bank … so I went for it.

I know its vintage and now you want it! But I did link up some camel colored coats if you are in the market for one. If you are a clumsy like me, I would advise against my poor decision of getting this light color coat & get something more versatile and lower maintenance like a camel or grey.




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