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1. GREY COAT | Still looking for the perfect one, all the beauties are $$$
2. STUDDED BOOTS | I’m O B S E S S ED with these Annie Bing boots. My friend Leslie has a pair with silver studs but I think I may get Gold even though they are far less versatile, but they are KILLER! 
3. LEATHER PANTS | I’ve been searching for leather pants for at least 3 years now. The ones I love are way over my budget so I always end up with a faux one (purchased one from Zara, that I love). The one from above are more of a lust item. 
4. BOOKS | A few years ago I pinned a photo on PINTEREST of a wall of fashion books. Now that we have a H O M E  |  I started a collection.
5. WINTER COAT | Can you believe it?  I don’t actually own a winter coat. Sure I have Ski Coats, nice wool coats and some fur but nothing I can weather a storm in F A S H I O N A B L Y. When we were in San Sebastian, Spain this summer I tried this coat on. I loved the khaki green, it was lined with fur and though it was heavy winter coat it translated very fashionable. Best of all its made in America!  Woolrich is an old Pennsylvania brand comparable to the classically rugged brand Carhartt.
6. SNEAKERS | Umm need I say more. I have a pair of these in red. When I saw this wine color, I almost died! Need it N O W!
7. SUEDE PUMPS | Looking for a camel, nude, grey or mustard yellow with the perfect toe cleavage.
8. BONUS | Black Leather Jacket | Purchased this baby last night, Mackage. (10% off at Artizia )  I have been eyeing it for months now. It has beautiful pebbling on the leather. Its heavier than my Iro leather jacket and is a bit more rugged. The ones I own are fitted, I wanted something over-sized & vintage that I could “throw around.”
After a very long week of home improvement, moving furniture and cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  I spent hours last night looking for deals online for Black Friday. After purchasing some home furnishing, I decided not to buy everything on my wishlist… woop woop though it would have been way more fun! Reminding myself that I’m still trying to slim down my closet and only buy essentials.

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