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Oversized Cardigan

oversized cardigan

Greetings from NYC. I officially moved into Williamsburg for the summer. Life has been extremely chaotic with new jobs for both Leon and I and two moves on top of it all. I love my new neighborhood and my roommate has been super sweet acting as my tour guide around town. This last week was a busy one, with a four day shoot for The Fader Magazine Fall/Winter issue.

It was nice to roll with my mentor Mo and some new friends to back to back parties at Levi’s and the issue release party for The Fader. My work life has nothing but new adventures lately, but I find myself unable to sustain life outside of work. How do you stay dedicated to your career and maintain friendships at the same time? It has always been something that I have struggled with. I consider myself a hard worker but how can I balance a busy work life and be a good friend? Any tips from those of you who can maintain it all?

Happy Fourth!

Short suit

Short Suit

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Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope the impending hurricane didn’t ruin ALL of your plans. I hope you are still able to surround yourself with family and friends, and perhaps enjoy some stove top food vs grilling in the rain.

As for me, I will be enjoying the firework (if it still happens!) from my balcony. We actually just moved out of downtown Philly, into a very quiet town. I’m not quite use to it but the good thing is I’ll be living in Williamsburg for the summer to transition. I’m excited about my adventures in NYC and having roommates again.

Have a great weekend and 4th of July.

White Accessory

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This bag was purchased in Garosugil also known as “tree lined streets” in Seoul. Though I loved many of the shopping options in Seoul, Garosugil was my favorite!  The outdoor shopping is  the reminiscent vibe of New York’s Soho district. The area consisted on many small boutiques, ateliers and the cutest restaurants and coffee/tea shops. I may have had one of the best milk tea of my life there!

Skirt Dress Nino Brand

Skirt Dress Nino Brand

Skirt Dress Nino Brand

Jacket & Skirt: NINObrand

Top: Zara

Necklace: Xevana

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

The great thing about being petite aka miniature aka fun-sized like me is  turning skirts into dresses. Yup, pair your skirt dress with a white shirt and bam (!) a whole new outfit. I love investing in versatile clothing because its more bang for my buck. Speaking of savings, Promo Code: MAISTYELPAGES still works and will save you some bucks at so check them out!


Nino Brand

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Architectural lines and interesting draping, all while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic is far from a worthy description of Nino Brand. Bela Shehu, the designer behind the brand is innovative and is consistent in creating quality designs. In the weeks to follow I will be sharing our collaboration with Nino Brand on MSP. And as a special gift to my readers a promotion of 10% off when you use the code: MAISTYLEPAGES at checkout either online at or make an appointment to come into the Philadelphia Boutique located on 333 S.20th St.

Nino Brand is not only my favorite brand in Philly but one of my overall favorites. I promise a sprinkle of Nino Brand in your closet will make you feel a lot more bada**!

I would be happy to work as your stylist if you are interested in making a visit. You can email or


Harness Belt



My first shopping experience in Seoul was at Hongdae. Hongdae is in the Hongik University area and geared towards student shopping, which means more affordable items. Hongdae is outdoors and consist of hundreds of stalls and small boutiques. You could find clothes ranging from $5-$120. If you are on a budget, rather than spending $10 dollars on a cheaper item, I found that the mid-range items meant better quality. Some important factors to consider are that most boutiques only have one color, size or item. And if you are not “Asian size,” you may be out of luck. I would say more than half of the stores did not have fitting rooms but if that holds you back from buying, waiting may just mean you would miss out. The above dress was purchased in Hongdae.



Shoes ZARA


Shopping in Seoul, South Korea was everything I dreamt about and more. It was an endless sea of shopping plazas, malls and boutiques. I only gave myself a few hours each day to shop because I made a purchase at almost every store I stepped into. Each store was better than the next as did each shopping district. My hands were shaking and I could not sleep at night anticipating tomorrow’s discoveries. Yes, friends this is what happens when you dreams come true and your full blown addiction has wildly come to life.

If you are interested, the next few weeks I will be posting about different shopping districts and reviews of each. Have a great Memorial Day weekend. We will be celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary in Newport.



Top BCBG Bottom


Firstly, thank you to everyone that made it to the GAP STYLD.BY event. It was a great turn out and a ton of fun! I will post pictures from the night on the next post. In the meantime, enjoy the images from BIG RUEBEN of PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS.Secondly, I have some exciting news! Co-founder and editor-in-chief of STARDUST MAGAZINE, Sophie Cécile Xu, and I have decided to collaborate. She has been gracious enough to redesign and rebrand MAI STYLE PAGES into a more minimalistic aesthetic as I am revamping my wardrobe. She will also be my main photographer for the blog. In return, I now style for Sophie at STARDUST MAGAZINE. Our first editorial, BLEU, was published just last month in ISSUE 5 STILLS. Keep your eyes peel for more ongoing collaborations from us through MSP and STARDUST MAGAZINE.